“They’re pebbles in the river, they’ll never settle down, they keep rolling in the water, from town to town”. So starts the chorus of Pebble in the River and so goes Heard and The Wonderfish. Pebble in the River is one of the more recent recordings by the founding members of Heard and The Wonderfish, a musical endeavor started by Jeff Bouck and Arianna Marucci.

Heard and The Wonderfish is a collective of like minded musicians who simply want to make great music and share it as far and wide as possible. The collective performs as a duo, trio, and  full band. No matter which lineup performs, the group features electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, and female vocals. Heard and The Wonderfish use loop and other effects pedals to create a musical landscape that is both unique and familiar. They perform a variety of pop, rock, indie, alternative, and jazz tunes and have the ability to focus on one genre in particular, allowing for incredible flexibility in their presentation.

The core members of Heard and The Wonderfish, Jeff and Ari, have a combined 25 years of experience in the music industry. They began playing out at age 15 and both have been studying music since elementary school. They’ve played, performed, and written music together for over ten years.  Highlights of Jeff’s music career thus far include performing with Miguel Zenon, Michael Rodriguez, Maria Schneider, and touring nationally and internationally with Good Little Giants. Jeff also holds a Master Degree in Jazz Performance from Bowling Green University.  Ari proudly won her first Battle of the Bands trophy as a senior in high school with her rock band, Phil Harmonic. She performs regularly on the local music scene as a guitarist and vocalist, most recently with Cleen Street Band and her music project with her sister, One Day Escape. Owing to her organic and original songwriting, Ari was chosen to work with an artist developer in Brooklyn, NY, and studied guitar with Jared Scharff, the lead guitarist in the Saturday Night Live band.


Creativity needs an outlet and Heard and The Wonderfish are always looking for more ways to express their love of music with the future in mind.  You can find them discussing all things music on their bi-weekly podcast , The Music Bowl.  Currently, they are preparing for their 2019 summer tour, writing new songs, and planning their next recording session.  This summer, you can find them performing on the eastern coast of the USA including a variety of spots throughout New York State as well as a few locations in New England.

Heard and The Wonderfish hail from the Mohawk Valley in Central New York.  Their influences include but are not limited to: Dave Matthews Band, Pink Floyd, Lianne La Havas, Ella Fitzgerald, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and U2. Even though they love to argue amongst themselves about the music industry, they have a shared love of jazz, funk, progressive rock, and peanut butter cookies. And pasta.